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Meeting rooms

We have meetings rooms ranging in sizes from 4 up to 12 seats. All of our meeting rooms are fully-equipped with everything you need to have a productive meeting. 

What's included

Greet your guests the proper way

Event Spaces

We have two event spaces on our disposal which can host up to 40 guests each.

Ring Tower Event Space

Can host up to 30 people seated and 40 standing. It features modern design, and is located on the ground floor of Ring Tower. It is equipped with a large screen and a projector, professional studio light and sound systems, and more. On special occasions, it can be expanded with additional 100 sq.m. to fit an extra 20 seats, and an additional stage. Guests have to go through reception and screening in order to enter, and it provides a professional setting to your event. Price: 50 EUR / hour

Sketch Srebarna Event Space

The event space in our Srebarna location could be called improvised, but it certainly makes a great impression, because of it’s vibrant interior. It’s a double story large area with creative surrounding seating. It also features 4 large screens looking in all directions, so all of the guests have a direct view of the presentation. We use our stairs as a stage, and the second floor area can be turned into a private lounge for VIP guests. Price: 50 EUR / hour

How to book?

If you’re not a member, you can see availability of resources and book our meeting rooms via our booking system.

If you’re a member, then you already have access to your member’s portal, from which you can book resources for free anytime.

For event spaces, reach out to us via our contact details at the bottom of this page.

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