What is coworking and why shared workspaces are the new normal

Do you practice a freelance profession, do you have a start-up company or are you part of a small business or a large cooperative? Shared workspaces or so-called “Coworking spaces” can provide you with a wide range of options.


What is coworking?

Coworking is an evolution of teamwork that allows not only to share the same workplace, but also to be part of a community of professionals with different abilities, interests and network of contacts.

Contacts with others have always been the main driving force in personal and professional terms. Because it is when we see the different point of view of the people next to us, understand their opinion, draw on their experience, then we can be successful in what we do and offer. Working from home also has its advantages, but it often leads to a feeling of loss of concentration, more difficult organization of the day, the constant merging of professionals with personal commitments and, of course, lack of healthy socialization. Shared offices reveal a whole new way of business development in an inspiring and exciting environment, surrounded by like-minded people, communication with whom gives us real added value.

Definition and concept of a coworking space

Coworking space is a large area designed to provide a productive and shared environment according to the needs of tenants – from places for individual work, small office areas to large rooms for events, meetings and presentations. Everyone can choose the most suitable subscription for themselves, and it is usually not tied to a long-term contract. The company can hire single jobs, and the commitment can be monthly, even shorter – weekly, for a day or for several hours. Paid rent memberships include the cost of utility bills (electricity, water, taxes and everything else that usually requires a contract with a supplier), free food and beverages, cleaning of the premises and technical support.

Emergence of shared workspaces

The idea for shared offices originated in the United States precisely on the basis of the economic and practical benefits of shared technologies, equipment and costs between employees, the first such place was created in 2005. in San Francisco. Over time, it has become clear that these are far from the only benefits of these places, and they are becoming increasingly popular and used not only in the United States but around the world. They entered Bulgaria much later, in 2012. in Sofia, and later in other cities such as Varna, Plovdiv.

Sketch StartUp Space is one of the new places in the capital, which offers an inspiring coworking space and at the same time supports young enterprising people. In addition to a broken environment for fresh ideas and high productivity, the founders and partners of this innovative place offer a full range of strategic resources that can help different areas of your business – development, management, marketing and strategic planning. Being part of a coworking community means not only having a place to work, but also the opportunity for synergies with other entrepreneurs, a larger network and an environment that stimulates creativity.

Why the best ideas come in a creative environment

Away from the everyday life of the home and the formal atmosphere of standard offices, coworking spaces are a smooth fresh air for creativity and success. Colors and design predispose to creativity, positivism and a balanced lifestyle and work. In a casual conversation with others, or relaxing on comfortable barbarians, hammocks, swings, sipping smooth coffee, and why not beer :)) we can unlock ideas and solutions for our work that we have not found so far. Often there we can meet mentors who will inspire us professionally and personally, and why not become one ourselves and share our experience, advice and ideas with those who need them. To be mutually beneficial, to work and have fun together, despite the different directions of our work, this is the basic concept of coworking.

Of course, everyone needs their own personal space and does not always want to be part of the dynamic carousel of the community. The fact is that the most sought after subscription in Sketch CoWorking is Private Office – a private office to which only the tenant has access. The difference from having or renting a standard office is that in this way employees of the company can take advantage of all the other advantages of the coworking space – common areas, kitchens, meeting rooms, legal guidelines, acquaintances with international investment partners, enhanced digital web and social media presence.

The high image of our future employees is also a very important factor, so holding meetings with them in cafes and restaurants is not very professional. In the shared offices we can use well-equipped meeting rooms with opportunities for video calls, presentations, whiteboards, copying services, and good preparation is one of the keys to successful business projects.

Advantages of coworking spaces

  • Shared infrastructure and costs are a great choice for start-ups who think of nothing but the future success of their new endeavor. They can be flexible in the number of employees they can hire and provide jobs and equipment. Contacts are important to them, as well as the fact that they can benefit from internal expertise and funding opportunities.
  • For small businesses renting their own premises in a good location, in a central area, with easy access to transport, shops and restaurants, gyms is often financially impossible, so they choose the option to rent a shared office to provide all these benefits and conveniences to their team. .
  • A brilliant alternative to freelancers to escape from home or from the noisy cafe, to find a pleasant atmosphere, like-minded people and friends.
  • Large cooperatives rely on higher productivity due to the different and non-standard work environment. They have the opportunity to take advantage of organized events for relaxation, meditation, useful trainings or workshops. Of course, they do not miss the chance to find new clients, partners and mentors in these places for future innovative projects.
  • Different companies occupying the same space create a diverse ecosystem in which the daily exchange of ideas, views and experiences can help the development of any business.
  • Coworking space managers actively work to create relationships between colleagues and external contacts and thus open new professional opportunities.

Sketch StartUp Space offers all these benefits plus many other amenities:

  • High speed internet (1GBit)
  • 24/7 biometric access
  • Accessible parking
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Lobby
  • Personal cabinets
  • Dining rooms with kitchen
  • Free drinks
  • Concierge (butler)
  • Cleaning
  • Technical Support
  • Meeting rooms
  • Frequent organization of events

Trends and statistics related to the spaces of the “future”

More and more people are realizing that the traditional career path is far from the only one, and their future steps to success are mostly driven by technology, awareness and opportunities. The liberal professions and entrepreneurs, as well as the options for telework, are experiencing remarkable growth. So it will come as no surprise that coworking spaces have increased by more than 1,000 percent in the last decade. To date, their number worldwide exceeds 25,000, and expectations are by 2024. to reach nearly 45,000 pieces.

In Bulgaria, such places can be found in more urban areas, but the trend lately is to be created near the sea, on the beach or in the Balkans, where you can combine skiing on the ski break between two work meetings, or to enrich your lunch break with a walk in the woods. Contrary to the expectation that these activities will be distracting, those who have benefited from this type of work, combined with an inspiring nature, say that they manage to complete their tasks many times faster and better.

Who are coworking spaces suitable for?

As already mentioned, the users of this service are diverse. But let’s break down the myth once again that coaring spaces are designed primarily for IT companies. They can serve the needs of any type of company, be it a small marketing company or a large commercial company that needs to provide jobs to their employees outside their office. These spaces are a better and more convenient alternative that provides countless facilities to its users, and these facilities contribute to higher productivity in the activities that are important to them.

If we look at tenants by their status, the highest percentage is led by small and medium enterprises, followed by start-ups, freelancers, teleworkers and employees, larger corporations and finally the so-called “digital nomads” (foreigners who travel and work worldwide).

Regardless of the location or type of users, what they have in common is that more than 90% share that they feel freer, more productive and happier, and many of them share the feeling of increased importance due to their belonging. to the community. Because freedom, convenience and comfort in the workplace are the things that could unlock our full potential.

Dare to create and be successful

You feel stagnant in your business, your startup company, your app, your blog, or whatever else you’re working on … the coworking environment may be just what you need to break the boundaries and routine. Don’t be afraid of the “new”. Find your place and give it a chance, and the results will come by themselves!

If you’re still not sure, you can check out the page at Sketch CoWorking , where there is an option to sign up for a tour and get detailed information on all the points you need to find out.




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