Our Workspaces

We have accomodations for teams of 1 and all the way up to 50+

Flexible Desks

You have a flexible work time, and you like to work from different places? Our most flexible options can guarantee you a workstation whenever you come to our offices, and you get to experience all the benefits of coworking while having no obligations. You can take advantage of a 1, 5 and 10-day passes which you can use anytime you feel like it.

The flexible seating typically are large shared desks, which are all equipped with several electricity outlets and a LAN cable if you need faster connection. Oh, and also you get to use our meeting rooms for free unlimited whenever you decide. Consider yourself a full-time member without having to pay as such.

Dedicated Desks

With a dedicated desk subscription, you get your own workstation that goes along with a private locker just for you. They are typically located in a large open-space area and you’re surrounded by fellow coworkers. Dedicated desks are also a great option for teams, which do not require an office to themselves, because our tables are either for 4 or 6 people, so you can get a large table for your entire team, and enhance collaboration.

Private Offices

All the benefits of coworking, but with the privacy of a conventional office. Have your own private spot within our facility, and take advantage of coworking fully with our private office subscriptions. We have offices for 2 and all the way up to 20+ people. We can combine, split and expand your office as it grows with you, and it order to best match your needs.

Perks & Benefits

All of our subscriptions come with perks and benefits for your well-being, and because we care for your time.

Our Members

Our members come from various and colorful backgrounds. See some of them:

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