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Sketch Premium Workspaces

Welcome To The Sketch Community

Welcome to Sketch, a pioneering provider of vibrant and innovative co-working spaces in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our journey began with a single vision – to redefine the way businesses and individuals work, creating spaces that inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and drive productivity. 

By seamlessly blending functionality and design, we’ve transformed traditional workspaces into dynamic environments that adapt to the ever-evolving needs of our members. 

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a growing startup, or a freelance professional, we are committed to providing you with a workplace that fits your ambitions. Discover

Why Are We A Community?

Startup-focused events

Providing useful information for your business

Access to capital

Venture Funds, Corporate Partners, and Banks

Mentors Guidance

Find successful people in your industry and learn


Event space and virtual workshops to meet people


Find and strategic partnerships to grow your startup


Easy access to verified vendors of business services

Who Are We


Who understand how difficult it can be to get your company off the ground. We are here to provide you the resources.


We have invested in and secured funding for StartUps, and we can connect you to the right ones.

Mentors Guidance

Bringing a different dynamic to Bulgaria focusing on attracting international companies and investors.

We are creating an ecosystem of everything a startup needs to grow.

At Sketch, we believe in nurturing an environment that fuels growth. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that a thriving business needs more than just a workspace; it requires a supportive ecosystem. With this philosophy at our core, we are more than just a coworking space. 

We have built a comprehensive ecosystem tailored specifically for startups and ambitious entrepreneurs, providing all the resources, services, and community connections you need to flourish. 

From collaborative areas for brainstorming sessions to private offices for strategic planning, we offer versatile spaces designed to cater to your dynamic business demands. Join Sketch and experience a coworking environment reimagined with your growth in mind.

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